Strips AS923 not working properly

Strips AS923 not working properly


I am testing the new Sensative Strips 1.0.4 SW (AS923 JP) using Actility with a Kerlink gateway (ifemtocell evolution) and running into problems.

The symptoms are: difficult to join, several attempts are needed before success, also when sending confirmed messages, Strips is not receiving the ACK sent from the server.

The main cause for this behavior is the DownlinkDwellTime, which we have set to 0 as default since that is recommended for all regions in LoRaWAN Regional Parameters RP002-1.0.x. In the Strips profile on Actility it looks like the DownlinkDwellTime is 1.

Due to DrOffset being dependent on the DownlinkDwellTime, we see problems here as well. When sending a confirmed Uplink, the ACK downlink is sent on the same data rate, there is no offset of 2 being utilized.

After changing the Strips AS923 profile to the Generic profile with the model: "Coverage Testing (Network Survey) AS923" the ACK downlink issues seem to have been resolved.

We are still seeing inconsistency in getting successful join requests accepted.

Bjorn Akesson