Microtracker does not show up on ADM

Microtracker does not show up on ADM


We recently got a Abeeway Micro Tracker. Firmware 2.4.1.

We have a gateway enrolled with the TTN, I followed the steps in ThingPark X Location Engine Network Interface Translator setup guide but the device doesn't show up on the ADM. I have "added" a device to the device list manually as a step to try to configure it, but that didn't help and now there's a device with no packets in the ADM, but I don't think that's the actual tracker.

The tracker is live and functional on the TTN, as I have enrolled it there, the webhook is marked as healthy and the console is saying that UL packets are being forwarded.

If someone could advise me on further troubleshooting steps that would be greatly appreciated, thank you.