Interop US915, test failed (RxParamsSetupReq)

Interop US915, test failed (RxParamsSetupReq)

Hello All,

Using interop tool for AN US915 device, I have a problem to run successfuly the 4.2.1 test.
  1. RxParamsSetup seems ok
  2. DevStatusReq on RX1 seems ok
  1. But the test fails on DevStatusReq sent on RX2. The DevStatusReq is sent on Rx2 using 923.3 MHz while the RxParamsSetup required 923,9. Mhz.
    Then my sensor never receives it.

Note: Forcing my sensor RxWindow2 to keep 923.3 even if 923.9 has been required make the test successful.

Any idea is welcome.
In advance many thanks,