Basics Station connection problem

Basics Station connection problem


my Basiscs Station GW (Rasp3 + IC880A) had been working without any issue. But suddenly connection with TPE server had been interrupted and could not connect again. 

2022-03-09 22:12:53.975 [CUP:VERB] Retrieving update-info from CUPS

2022-03-09 22:12:53.976 [CUP:DEBU] CUPS Request: {"router":"b827:ebff:fefc:a832","cupsUri":"","tcUri":"wss://","cupsCredCrc":1213681728,"tcCredCrc":1357085137,"station":"2.0.6(rpi/std) 2022-03-03 00:51:53","model":"rpi","package":null,"keys":[]}

2022-03-09 22:12:55.877 [TCE:INFO] Infos: b827:ebff:fefc:a832 muxs-::0 wss://

2022-03-09 22:12:55.877 [AIO:DEBU] [4] ws_close reason=1000

2022-03-09 22:12:55.878 [AIO:DEBU] Echoing close - reason=1000

2022-03-09 22:12:55.953 [AIO:DEBU] [4|WS] Server sent close: reason=1000

2022-03-09 22:12:55.953 [AIO:DEBU] [4] WS connection shutdown...

I did not change any at GW environment. So, what could be the issue. many thanks in advance